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10 Quotes to Shape Your Life in 2024

10 Quotes to Shape Your Life in 2024

I’m a quote junkie. I’ve been collecting them for over 15 years. And the reason I love quotes (good ones) is because they pack so much power into just a few words & they’re easy to remember.


So, as we start 2024, rather than writing an article this first week, I decided to hand-pick 10 quotes that I believe have the potential to make an incredible impact in your 2024 business.


Some of these are my own quotes, some I know their source, and others I’ve picked up somewhere along the way and no longer remember their source.


I’ll share the quote and add a few points of commentary with my own thoughts on why it’s meaningful to me, below.


1) You Can Only Grow to the Level of Questions You Routinely Ask Yourself

It’s easy to coast through life without much reflection on what we’re doing or why we’re doing it. Slowing down to ask ourselves deep and thought-provoking questions both professionally and personally ensures we continue to grow. If you want to grow 5-10x this year, start asking yourself 5-10x questions.


2) Commitment Thrives When the Reward of the Future Outshines the Discomfort of the Moment

It’s easy to start out committed to something, but it’s something entirely different to STAY committed when the going gets tough. Keep your eyes on where you’re going and why that’s exciting to you and you’ll have the energy necessary to keep moving through the discomfort of getting there. Remember though, a big part of the “reward” isn’t the end, it’s who you become on the journey.


3) You’re Only as Rich as the Life You Have NOW

Financial security, success, accolades…those aren’t bad things. But if they come at the sacrifice of what really matters (both in this life and in the next) then you truly are poor. Don’t exhaust yourself to become rich in the future to create some “better life someday” – live that life now.


4) So Many Things are Possible so Long as You Don’t “Know” They’re Impossible

For hundreds of years, it was believed to be physically impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. However, Roger Bannister broke that barrier, and more than 25,000 people have done it since. Whatever race you’re running, start with the premise that it’s possible, and you’ll find a way to make it happen.


5) Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, it Will Direct Your Life and You Will Call it Fate. (Carl Yung)

We’re often ruled by our unconscious beliefs about the world and ourselves. A good coach will help you bring the unconscious to the surface so you can make decisions to change your world rather than simply living in your unconscious beliefs about it.


6) Fear is Just a Habit. And So is Courage.

When we recognize this truth, fear no longer has the same power over us. Fear is just a thought we’ve recycled through repeatedly until we believed it. Nothing more. Tiny acts of courage will build that muscle and fear will get weaker and weaker until it’s no longer in charge.


7) REASONS come first; answers come second. Hunger is what causes execution, even if you don’t have all the answers for the “how” in the moment. “The key is not knowing WHAT to do, but WHY you’re doing it.”

This one doesn’t need much commentary. I often get stuck in the “how” and this reminds me where I actually need to focus my energy!


8) The Things in Life You Think You Need are Sometimes the Very Things That Keep You Trapped in an Unfulfilled Life.

This is counterintuitive, but I find it to be true in many cases. If we believe we don’t currently have access to something we “need” in order to be content/fulfilled, we cause ourselves to be unfulfilled. Ironically, if we’d just let go of that belief, we’d actually be content.


9) Treasure the DOING a little more than the GETTING IT DONE

As high achievers, it’s easy to put our head down and get into “task mode” and see a successful day through the lens of what was accomplished. Life is far more enjoyable when we treasure the moments in our day rather than measuring a day’s value in what we completed.


10) You Will Always Find What You’re Looking For.

If you are looking for reasons to be frustrated or angry, you’ll find them. If you’re looking for reasons to feel anxious, you’ll find those too. But if you look for reasons to be grateful, hopeful, happy and satisfied, you’ll just as easily access those as well. If you’re feeling _______, it’s probably because that’s what you’ve gone searching for!


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