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A Piece of Used Gum Worth $500?

A Piece of Used Gum Worth $500?

Would you pay $500 for a piece of used gum?

No, this gum was not chewed by some movie star, famous athlete, or historical figure you admire. It’s just a piece of gum that’s already been chewed.

Not in a million years would I imagine I’d pay $500 for a stick of used gum. But a few months ago, I did. And it was worth it.

The Backstory:

After dropping my daughter off at school, when I returned home, I noticed something odd. The pack of gum I’d placed on the kitchen counter was now on the floor and a few pieces were missing from it. A few other pieces looked half chewed through.

Both of our dogs had guilty looks on their faces and instantly I knew what had happened.

Wila TJ 1

After calling the vet, it was clear we had to take them in to get their stomachs pumped because ingesting gum can be toxic and potentially deadly for smaller dogs.

$500 later, problem solved.

The Application:

A couple chewed-up sticks of gum are worth NOTHNIG to me, but obtaining a couple chewed-up pieces of gum in my dogs’ stomachs are worth a LOT to me. Getting that piece of chewed up gum could mean the difference between life or death for our furry family members!

The value we place on something in our personal life or business is in direct proportion to what we believe it’ll provide us.

What you value most in life is ultimately evidenced by where you spend your time and where you spend your money, not in what you say you value.

You say you don’t have time for some things but make time for others. You say something is a priority in your business or in your personal life, but you continually neglect it.

Let’s just call it what it is; you don’t value it. And you don’t value it because you are UNCLEAR on the ROI of spending time with it.

What’s the one thing in your business or personal life right now that you suspect represents “untapped potential” because you don’t invest time with it? You’re missing its TRUE value.

Perhaps, like the sticks of gum, at first glance it doesn’t seem like it’d be worth much, but in reality, it could make ALL the difference.

For me, my “neglected opportunity” is not spending time in reflection on a consistent basis. Reflection in all areas, including reflecting on my life, reflecting on my relationships, reflecting on Scripture, and reflecting on my business.

Reflection is one of the actions I will repeatedly allow to be squeezed out of my day and my week because I tend to place a high value on “productivity” rather than on pausing to reflect.

However, reflection is where all my growth, insights and my best ideas come from. Whether it’s sitting down with specific questions to reflect on or simply going for a walk and creating space in my day, I often find myself crowding this out of my life.

What About YOU?
Write Down that ONE Area of Undervalued Opportunity & Decide Now
One Small Step You’ll Take to Change it
and make it a Priority THIS WEEK!

PS – The best part of this story with our dogs, they didn’t find any gum in their vomit. Apparently, they never ingested it and we paid $500 for nothing…well…I guess we paid $500 for peace of mind! 😊

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