Dealing with surface-level challenges produces surface-level results. That’s why we dig deep to understand what’s behind those challenges. By solving the root problem, you can make transformational changes in your business and life.

If you’re like most business owners, your to-do list is already overflowing. You don’t need more to do. I help you lighten your load, so you leave feeling enlivened and clear on the few things that will propel you toward your goals.

I’ll call you to live into the greatness already in you. That may mean gently and humbly speaking truths others aren’t willing to. My goal is to help you achieve breakthrough results.

I only take on clients who I authentically and fully believe in. Because of that, I won’t allow you to live up to anything less than your potential.

I genuinely appreciate my clients as people. I love to celebrate what makes you unique, and I’ll be right alongside you to celebrate your wins (both big and small).



Became #1 franchisee in the nation for total revenue & commissions
(out of several hundred for six years in a row)

Grew a product division by 100% in a year.

Developed systems, processes, and sales approaches that significantly contributed to 1,400% growth over five years.


MY story

I began my career as an entrepreneur, opening eight successful franchises with a team of 20. I earned over $100k in my first year, over $200k in my second year, over $300k in my third year, and over $400k+ in my next 3+ yrs. Plus, by then, I was only working 20 hrs a week. While work was demanding, I managed to maintain a reasonably balanced life.

When I took on a new leadership role in the organization, my responsibilities started to grow. Now, in addition to managing multiple businesses, I was responsible for the development of 45 business leaders across eight states. 

That was when I started working evenings and weekends. Not just occasionally, but all the time. 

One evening, after a work conference, all my colleagues were at the hotel restaurant for a bite to eat. I was upstairs working.

The next morning, during a group exercise, my peers began to speak truth into my life.  

“You’re burning the candle at both ends. You’re going to burn out.” 

And they were right. I knew something needed to change. 

That was a hard transition because I was so used to working harder to grow my businesses.  But that wasn’t working anymore. I needed to get intentional about working smarter

I hired a business coach who helped me get things reeled in, and I worked on priorities, systems, and creating the space to truly lead. I got my life back. 

I’ve discovered you don’t need to sacrifice your freedom or success to build a thriving business. I’ve led teams of over 75 leaders and 450 franchise owners in over 28 states, winning multiple national awards. I’ve grown profits by over 400% and developed systems that allowed my company to run without me. 

Today, I am a professional business coach by choice. I have left and turned down lucrative executive roles because I’m passionate about helping business owners become and achieve more than they thought possible. If you want to see how coaching could impact your life, let’s talk. 

This past 12 months have been been truly life changing. I have grown my income by an ADDITIONAL $211,000 from 2022 to 2023! I also broke 3 company records in an organization with a 20yr history and over 700 locations nationwide. Something I never was able to accomplish in the first 5 years running my business.

While I have significantly grown my business, more importantly, I’ve transformed as a person. I am a better leader to myself, my team, my wife, and my friends.

I have worked with MANY coaches in my career and hands down Jason has been the most impactful coach that I have ever worked with. Jason doesn't tell you what to do, he helps pull it out of you through his masterful questions. Coaching with him was one of the smartest investments I have ever made.
You don’t have to get it perfect; you just have to get it going.
Intention without action, cheats those counting on you.
It is not about where we’ve been or where we currently are, but where we are going; and who we are becoming in that process!
You will always perform better and have more joy when the driving motive for what you do is WHO YOU ALREADY ARE rather than striving in hopes of someday attaining who you think you are supposed to be.
Treasure the DOING a little more than the GETTING IT DONE
You Will Always Find What You’re Looking For.
You can only grow to the level of the questions you most routinely are asking yourself
Rather than measuring your success around your goals for the year, measure success based on the CRITERIA for what you already know CREATES success.
It’s easy to grow accustomed to the way things ARE rather than asking ourselves how it SHOULD be
Commitment Thrives When the Reward of the Future Outshines the Discomfort of the Moment
The Things in Life You Think You Need are Sometimes the Very Things That Keep You Trapped in an Unfulfilled Life.
Over the past 20 years I’ve developed an insurance business that generates enough revenue to be in the top 1% percent in the world within my field. And throughout that time, I tied my identity to a company, to winning, to recognition, without knowing I was even doing it. As I became more successful, the pressure from year to year to grow and do better also increased. Being a former college athlete and competitor all my life, I thought that was the only way.

Hiring Jason as my professional coach has changed my life. He’s helped completely reshape my thinking about success and where I experience peace and fulfillment in my life. I appreciate how he asks me the tough questions no one else in my life will.

He has helped me truly find out who I am. Not just the winner of awards, not just a leader, not just a person who has obtained financial freedom. Those were all things I DID. He’s helped me get clear on who I AM. I can finally say that I’m in alignment with both who I am and what my priorities are in life and because of that, I’m experiencing freedom, peace, and fulfillment professionally and personally like never before.

Hiring Jason wasn’t cheap, but it shouldn’t be. Although, if I knew the value I was going to gain in just the first 4 months of working with Jason, I would have gladly written a check for $100k and not thought twice about it.


  • My wife and I were high school sweethearts.
  • Biggest pet peeve: group text messages, ESPECIALLY when two people are using the group to have a 1-1 conversation!
  • I LOVE traveling and creating experiences with my family
  • Every year since my kids were each 6yrs old, I’ve gone on a trip together with each of them individually.
  • I am an only child!
  • Secretly I dream of being able to sing and play guitar on in front of audiences but I have ZERO musical ability… at least that’s what my wife tells me!
  • Favorite Snack: peanut butter & jelly on Ritz crackers
  • If I have 30-45min to kill, my favorite shows include The Office, Parks & Rec, Ted Lasso, & 30 Rock
  • I’ve had the privilege to meet and to interview some amazing people in my career, including Clemson college football coach legend Dabo Swinney, best selling author Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and an Olympic Gold Medalist (USA Wrestler Jordan Burroughs)
  • I am a HUGE Brian Regan fan… If you have never heard his comedy or don’t like his humor, we may not be a good fit together for coaching  : )
  • I hate watermelon… I hate the fruit and anything with “watermelon flavor” in it…
  • I like ketchup on most things, including eggs, mac and cheese, & mashed potatoes (no, those aren’t typos)

*(I realize these last two fun facts may not be super popular, but hey, I like what I like!) 

Step 3

Level Up

If we decide to move forward into a coaching relationship, Together, we’ll create a custom coaching plan to help you reach your goals in your business and your life. 

Step 2

Schedule a Breakthrough Session

We’ll do a free, 90-minute coaching call to define your goals, set a vision for the future, and deepen your commitment to that vision.