Jason Hietbrink

Are You in It for the Long Haul?

Are you in it for the long haul? That’s a question my coach asked me a few months back and it’s stuck with me ever since.


In a world of quick fixes, hacks, and “shortcuts” to success, commitment over an extended period of time isn’t something you hear people talking about very often.


Yet, in life, what often creates success is choosing to stay in the game even when you don’t see an immediate reward from your efforts.


This is true in our parenting, our health/fitness, our relationships, our faith, and when you’re developing, leading, and growing a team in your business.


But commitment is tough. Because success often involves failure and if you’re like me, you don’t like failure! It’s easy to want to bail on something at the first sign of failure, when we hit a roadblock or feel ourselves start to slide back after attempting something new.


That new hire that you poured all the time into who didn’t work out.

That new product/service you just launched that didn’t take off like you had hoped.

The huge sales effort that didn’t yield the results you expected.

The big client you thought was going to sign but pulled out at the last minute.

That new system that was supposed to solve all your problems but now suddenly it’s causing more headaches and complications for you and your team.

That key person in your business that’s been with you for years who just left for another career.

Or picking up the phone one more time after getting rejected by the last ten prospects.


Here’s the truth though:


Your commitment to follow through on a given action is always in direct proportion to HOW MUCH you value THE REWARD on the other side of the discomfort you’re currently feeling.


The more you value what you believe to be on the other side of your current challenge, the higher the odds you’ll stay committed to the long-haul and keep building!


Last month I was in Los Angeles for a Deep Dive Coaching Intensive and spent some time on the beach the second to last day and met this man.

I never asked him his name, so let’s just call him Tom. Tom told me that for the past several years, he has come to the beach three times a week for three hours a day, in search of something of value in the sand.


When I asked if he ever finds anything of value, he immediately responded exuberantly, “well of course! But that doesn’t happen every day. I might find something of value once a month but most of the time it’s just sand.”


He went on to mention that he’s found a few wedding rings that were worth a few thousand dollars, but that usually only happens about once a year.


Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s definitely not worth it to me to spend 36+ hours a month walking around a beach in hopes of finding ONE THING that’s somewhat valuable.


And I certainly wouldn’t spend over 430 hours a year of my life doing that to find a wedding ring worth a few thousand dollars.


Do the math. You’d make twice that working at McDonalds.


BUT… for Tom, it’s worth it. WHY?


Because he’s committed to finding his diamonds, no matter what it takes.


What are the “diamonds” you’re after in your life and in your business that are so valuable to you, you’ll stay determined to make it happen even when the going gets tough?


Those of you who know me well, know that I’m not talking about putting in more hours. Although, there are very short seasons of time where that can be necessary.


I’m talking about the dedication to get back up and keep trying. No matter what obstacle you’re currently facing (and BTW, sometimes that obstacle is simply fear!), the worth of that “diamond” you’re in pursuit of, far outweighs whatever is in the way.


Success is found through choosing to play the long-game. When you play the long-game, mistakes and failures are simply twists and turns on your road toward greatness.


Keep at it. Your diamonds are on the way.

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