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Designing A Morning Routine That WORKS

Designing a Morning Routine that WORKS

By now, most of us have heard about the value of having a “morning routine”. Studies consistently show that a good morning routine creates a boosted mood, productivity and energy levels throughout your day.

Whether you know it or not, you have a morning routine. Whether it’s intentional or by default.

The question is, “do you have a morning routine that WORKS?”

After over a decade of working with successful entrepreneurs, I’ve found there are a few key ingredients for making this happen

#1 – Define What You Want Your Morning Routine to GIVE You

Too many people create a morning routine based on what they think they “should” be doing rather than asking themselves first what the goal is of the morning routine in the first place.

Pick 1-3 things you want to have your morning routine to provide you. Don’t worry if they’re the “right” things, just pick a couple and get started.

Some examples to get the juices flowing might be: energy, appreciation, peace, intention on your purpose, focus, etc.

#2 – Pick a “menu of options” to choose from (that you enjoy!)

The problem with many well-crafted morning routines is that after a month, we get bored with it and it doesn’t have the same effect on us that it once did.

If you want a morning routine that LASTS, come up with a handful of options to choose from that keep it fresh while accomplishing the outcomes you desire

For example, if one of the outcomes you want from your morning routine is to feel energy/vitality for the day, consider 3-5 different ways you’d enjoy making that happen.

  • Perhaps you go for a walk while listening to a podcast or inspiring music.
  • Perhaps you get to the gym for a specific workout plan.
  • Perhaps you read inspirational quotes or review your goals.
  • Perhaps you review testimonials from clients over the years that aligns and reminds you of the difference you’re making in the lives of others.
  • Perhaps you journal about your dreams.

The key word here is “that you would enjoy” – don’t start off with a morning routine that includes things you don’t want to do. That’s a sure path towards early failure. 😊

#3 – Have a Plan B

We all have mornings where we hit snooze one too many times or accidentally shut off our alarm.

In the event that you find yourself compressed with time in the morning, it’s wise to have a “Plan B” for your morning routine.

If there was only ONE outcome you could achieve in that morning that would provide the biggest difference in how you’d show up that day, what would that outcome be?

In these moments, focus on just that one thing and don’t stress yourself out over not being able to do everything you planned.

There’s no benefit in living in a world of guilt OR in throwing the entire thing out the window!

#4 – Start Small

If you don’t have an intentional morning routine currently, don’t create a 3hr ideal master routine and expect to get up at 5am and do it all! Start small.

Pick 1 thing, do that for a week, then add something else to it. Gently accelerate towards building what you ultimately want and focus on making incremental progress towards it

#5 – Successful Mornings Start with Intentional Evenings!

By far the biggest culprit to a successful morning routine is poor planning the night before.  

These may seem basic, but that’s where success is found. Which one of these do you need to sure-up to help ensure you get from your mornings what you need for your day?

  • Get to bed at a reasonable time.
  • Choose a cut-off time for your devices. This should be AT LEAST 30min but ideally 60min before bed
    • (Honestly, when have you EVER been grateful for the next morning for an extra 60min of social media, YouTube, or Netflix the night before? 😊)
  • Know ahead of time what you’ll be doing that next morning

Ultimately, having a morning routine is about starting your day on YOUR terms; from a place of INTENTION rather than a place of REACTION. It’s about showing up in a powerful way so you can serve the people God’s entrusted you to impact that day.

Define the outcomes of your morning routine

Pick a “menu of options”

Have a Plan B

Start Small

Be intentional the night before

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