Jason Hietbrink

Do You Own a Business or a Liability?

Do You Own a Business or a Liability?

Let’s be real.

Spending the necessary time working ON your business rather than working IN it is TOUGH.

There are so many other tasks we could be doing and most of the time it feels like there’s not enough time in the day.

I get it.

Some of you at least have the time on your calendar blocked off to work on your business, and that’s step one, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. Because as I’m sure you have experienced, there’s a big difference between putting that time on your calendar and actually following through. 😊

So let’s be real, again.

If you aren’t making the time to work ON your business, here’s the reality of your situation:

If there is “too much to do” IN your business,

Preventing you from stepping away to work ON it…

You do NOT own a business –

You own a LIABILITY.

And the business owns YOU.



If this is where you’re living right now but you want to make a change, let’s talk.

I can help.

It will likely only take a single conversation to gain the clarity, strategy, & confidence you need to change this.

In the meantime, here are five keys to help you better follow through with that time on your calendar set aside to work ON the business:

#1 – Take Ownership; YOU are Creating This

You are not a victim of the demands of your business. It may feel that way sometimes (and I get it) but remember, YOU create your calendar. The things on your calendar are ONLY there because YOU prioritized them.

Take ownership over honoring this time, take charge, and do what needs done to make the time to work ON the business, even if it’s just 60 mins. every other week in the beginning.

#2 – Find Your Golden Hours of the Day

Many entrepreneurs try to “squeeze in” working on the business during times of their week or times of their day when they’re already depleted. That’s a recipe for disaster.

What time of the week and what time of the day are you at your BEST? Make THAT time the time you block off to work on the business.

Move meetings, change your routine, whatever it takes, but choose to prioritize this time when you’re operating at your best, not when you’re tired or mentally drained.

#3 – Have Specific Time Set Aside to Deal with Fires

Inevitably there will be fires you need to handle. Block off time in your day immediately after you’ve invested the time to work on your business to reply to any urgent messages or fires that have arisen during that time.

Knowing you have time to respond to these (and that you don’t have to head to another meeting immediately after you’ve spent time working on your business) will free you up mentally to focus ON your business during the time you’ve committed to.

#4 – Get Clear on The Outcome You Want Beforehand

Too many of us get to that block in our calendar that says “work ON the business” with no clear plan of what to DO once we get there! (I’ve done that many times!)

Without a clearly defined outcome for that particular block in your calendar, you’ll revert to your default of checking off things from your to do list. Back IN the business we go!

Sometimes the goal is to complete a project or solve a problem. Sometimes the desired outcome is to complete the first 20% of it. But be CLEAR going in, what you will work on and what a “win” looks like from this time.

#5 – Trust It’ll Be Fine

Your team has this. Your clients are okay. If something could happen to your business to burn it down in a 2-hour window while you are working on your business, you have a MUCH bigger problem.

Your team is counting on you. Your future self is counting on you. Start small and watch the MASSIVE difference those tiny steps working ON your business – make IN your business.

Step 3

Level Up

If we decide to move forward into a coaching relationship, Together, we’ll create a custom coaching plan to help you reach your goals in your business and your life. 

Step 2

Schedule a Breakthrough Session

We’ll do a free, 90-minute coaching call to define your goals, set a vision for the future, and deepen your commitment to that vision.