Jason Hietbrink

Do You Want to be “Safe & Sorry” OR “Bold & Bruised”?

Do You Want to be “Safe & Sorry” OR “Bold & Bruised”?

I know what you’re thinking… after reading this title, “Can there be an option where I’m not sorry or bruised?” 😊

But those are the two options. Let me explain…

Actions rooted in the desire for security often lead to us being “sorry” not safe.

When I use the word “sorry” – I mean regret. In her book, The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, author Bronnie Ware sites THE #1 most deeply held regret of those on their deathbed, being missed opportunities in life because of inaction.

Undoubtedly, what holds us back from taking action in those moments of our life and business is the fear of loss. We have a desire to be safe, secure, and to avoid failure.

We want to avoid decisions or situations that will make us uncomfortable, where the outcome seems uncertain, and where we might fail. We want to be “safe.”

Believe me, that’s how I feel every day!

However, while there are times in life and business to play it safe, playing it safe holds us back from GROWTH.

Without growth, we stagnate and don’t make progress. And without a sense of progress, it leads to a lack of purpose. And no one wants to live like that.

However, here’s a simple but profound truth.

By not taking action, we think we’re keeping ourselves safe from failure. However, our inaction eventually causes us to FEEL like a failure anyway.

So, which would you rather be?

  • “Safe” and filled with regret and feeling like a failure?
  • BOLD and taking action, even if it means you might be a little bruised along the way?

There is no such thing as comfort without the pain that accompanies it in this life. So, pick your pain. The pain that leads to growth or the pain that comes from the weight of regret and wasted opportunity.

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