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Fearing Failure Who is on Trial, You or Your Strategies

Fearing Failure: Who is on Trial, You or Your Strategies?

If you were to ask me what the number one fear most people I’ve worked with over the years have, I would tell you unequivocally it is the fear of failure.

Now, there are volumes of books and articles and podcasts on this topic of failure and I’m not going to make an exhaustive run at this today. However, I do want to shine the light on a distinction that will forever shake up how you think about failure.

THE underlying issue with the fear of failure: YOU ARE PUTTING YOURSELF ON TRIAL.

You’re “on trial” when you live your life looking to your current circumstances and results as evidence.

If you had a good day/week/month/quarter personally or professionally, you feel like a success. Maybe I do know what I’m doing. Maybe I am enough and do have what it takes.

Your current results serve as evidence affirming, you’re enough.

BUT, if you had a terrible day/week/month/quarter personally or professionally, you feel like a failure and question yourself. Maybe I’m not enough, maybe I don’t have what it takes. I’m not adequate for this. Maybe I really am a failure.

Stop. Putting. Yourself. On Trial.

You have not arrived where you are today in your life and in your business because you’re a failure. You’ve already proven through your track record that you have a history of creating successes in your life.

Don’t believe me?

Take 5 minutes and write down all the ways you succeeded professionally or personally over the last 10 years. Odds are you have a LONG list of ways you’ve succeeded already.

The truth is, “the trial” about whether you’re a success or a failure ended years ago. Quit walking back in the courtroom!

The pressure is OFF. You don’t have to prove to yourself that you’re a success or defend why you’re not a failure. Because of this reality, failure can no be longer interpreted falsely as “evidence”, and instead, failure becomes an event.

You’re not on trial. What belongs on trial are your Strategies!

Success is a two-part equation. Half is you and the other half are your strategies. You can’t be successful without a strategy that allows you to create success.

Because failure is an event, and what’s really on trial are your strategies, anytime that you fail, you’re free to no longer need to evaluate yourself. You evaluate the strategy.

“Alright, that strategy didn’t work. What about that strategy needs tweaked? What about that strategy do I need to keep and what about that strategy needs thrown away?”

Anytime you find yourself in a position where you’re stepping out into the unknown or you’ve attempted something and are currently not succeeding, remember, it’s okay.

Failure is an event, not a verdict. You’re not the one that’s on trial, your strategies are.

If you failed recently, it just means you haven’t found the right strategy yet. So, keep trying and testing new ideas and when you find the right strategy, you’ll succeed.

Finally, remember this…

The issue is NEVER whether or not you CAN do it. You’ve already proven you CAN with the success you’ve had in the past & the person you are today.

The question is whether you are using the right STRATEGY to make it happen.

Current circumstances therefore are not EVIDENCE proving your inability to succeed, your present failure is an event pointing to the need to change your strategy!

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