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How to Become a Leader Your Team Will BLEED For Part 3

How to Become a Leader Your Team Will BLEED For Part 3

Becoming a leader others will bleed for is not easy, but it is simple.

Part 1 of this series focused on BUILDING TRUST and how trust has three components to it:

  • Credibility – Can your team count on you to do what you say you will do?
  • Vulnerability – Are you willing to admit when you’re wrong and share your weaknesses/failures?
  • Authentic Service – Deep down, is it about your team or all about you?

Part 2 of this series centered around showing your people they’re VALUED and BELIEVED IN. I gave seven practical ways you could demonstrate this to them and challenged you to make it a part of your regular rhythm each week.

Part 3 is all about getting your team on board with where you’re going and why it matters.

Principle #3 – Enroll Your Team in a Vision That’s Compelling for Them

In the Book of Proverbs, it mentions that without vision, people perish. We all have an intrinsic need to feel like we’re making progress toward something worthwhile.

I’m sure many of you have experienced what it’s like to get up, go to work, but do not have a compelling vision that your efforts are building toward. It’s a terrible place to be and it feels incredibly empty.

You might think you’re great at this already, and perhaps you are. But I’ve found there are three levels of “visioneering” as a leader, and most leaders only live in the first level. They think they’re going deep but they’re playing shallow.

I want to share all three levels with you in hopes you can grow your ability to enroll your team in a vision that’s compelling for them.

But before you review these three levels, I want to ask you a question. Do YOU know what your vision is? And is that vision something that’s compelling to you? Because if it’s not, you’ll never enroll your team into it.

If you need support with this, I can help. Just reach out and let me know.

Here are the 3 Levels of Vision:

LEVEL 1 – Sharing Your Vision

Most leaders don’t even get this far. They expect their team to mind-read the vision of the company, or they’ll share it once or twice at an annual meeting but not mention it again the rest of the year.

When was the last time you shared the vision of the company with your team? Why does it exist, why it matters, the difference you’re making in the lives of others? It must be bigger than you, bigger than money, bigger than winning. It needs to center around impact and making a felt difference in the lives of people.

If you struggle to keep that in the forefront, just imagine how little they’re thinking about it!

LEVEL 2 – Enrolling Them in the Vision

This takes it a step further. It’s no longer just “your” vision and where you want the company to go. This level is where you actually make it personal to them.

Do your team members know the specific role they play in making this vision a reality? Can they connect what they do on a daily basis to contributing to the overall vision?

More than that, can they articulate “what’s in it for me?” If we accomplish this vision we have, hit these goals, what’s the “so what” for your team? Certainly, there’s value in feeling like you’re making a difference in the lives of others – that’s huge – but there ought to be some additional benefit to them as well.

Often, the growth of the company creates additional opportunities for them. Paint a picture of how when the company grows to these next levels what additional roles will be created/needed and how some of them (if they step up to the plate between now and then) can put themselves in a position to be considered for such roles.

Now your team doesn’t just have a vision for where they company is going; they have a vision of where THEY can go within the company. In addition to this, some companies will give incentives to their team (financial/trips/etc.) for hitting various goals/checkpoints along the way. Not necessary, but something to consider.

Level 3 – Making the Vision Compelling

Few things are more compelling to a team member than to feel like they are growing and making progress. Talk to your team about how stretching towards the goals/vision you have for the company will cause all of you to GROW in that process.

It’s not just about what will happen when you arrive at the desired destination, it’s about who they (and you) BECOME in the process. Help your team see the character traits, skills, and depth they’ll develop personally and professionally in the pursuit of the vision.

Now, the work itself can be enjoyed (even the challenges) because it’s all in service of making THEM better as people. This might sound like a stretch, but I promise you, great leaders make the vision compelling because the pursuit of the vision transforms their people in the process.

Share your vision.

Enroll them in your vision.

Make the vision compelling!

If what I’ve written in this series has overwhelmed you or made you feel like you have a long way to go as a leader, good. At least you’re humble enough to admit you don’t have it all figured out! 😊

As a leader, you are going to regularly get it wrong.

It doesn’t make you a bad leader.

It makes you human.

Keep getting 1% better each week.

And in two years’ time, you’ll be twice the leader you are today.

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