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John’s Story

John’s Story

I want to introduce you to John…

For as far back as John can remember, he’s succeeded at nearly everything he’s put his mind to. His competitive drive, high personal standards, and desire to achieve excellence have driven him into the highest levels of success throughout his life.

John is also a man of faith and is considered by many to be a shining example of what devotion to God looks like.

John was good at his profession. In fact, he was incredible. He received praise from colleagues, employees, had been written about in a few magazines, and had been brought into a handful of podcast interviews because of the success he’d had building his firm.

But all of John’s worldly success came at a terrible, invisible price.

Work had no finish line. He was constantly hustling toward the next milestone, the next goal. Last year’s success had to be outdone. John felt this constant pressure to perform. His fear of being average subconsciously kept him striving to be prove he wasn’t.

Work didn’t have an “off switch”.

When he was at home and meant to be engaging with his family, he was thinking about projects at work and clients who needed help.

He was a productivity-machine. Constantly seeking to fit in one more task to stay ahead. Frequently, early in the morning, John would sit on the sofa in the living room to spend some time in prayer with the Lord.

Frustratingly, it was almost impossible to get his brain to stop racing with all the demands from his work, staff issues, the various areas of the business that needed attention, and of course the endless to do list he was massively behind on. He could almost sense the mounting emails that were flowing into his inbox at that very moment.

He looked down at his watch…somehow 30 minutes has already passed and he’s now running late. Another quiet time stolen by his inability to focus.

John has a good heart. He’s filled with good intentions. But often he doesn’t make good on them.

Many times throughout their marriage John had promised his wife Sara he’ll invest more in his family next week, next month, next quarter, next year… …when he has more time. But that ambiguous unknown future date never comes.

Last weekend, with tears in her eyes and a deep level of hurt, Sara expressed just how alone she feels raising the kids and in their marriage. Sara told John how she resents his work because it comes before everything else, including their family. Even when he’s home it’s like he’s not even there.

After a long pause, she looked off in the distance with more tears welling up in her eyes and went on to say that in their relationship, she feels more like roommates with contractual obligations than partners, allies, and lovers. She feels like ships passing in the night.

John has heard Sara express some of these feelings before, but never with THIS level of emotion. She seemed defeated. Beaten down. Almost hopeless. Her next words cut into his heart like a knife.

“John, this is not what I signed up for”

Their marriage is a shadow of what it once was. This isn’t the kind of marriage he wanted to create. He loves his wife and kids and wants to be a better father and husband, but work is so demanding.

He’s told Sara too many times that “it’s just a season” and “as soon as we get passed this next phase of growth in the company, things will settle down and I’ll be able to come home a little earlier from the office and won’t have to be on my phone in the evenings and on weekends. I’ll be more present.”

And although every time John has been sincere in those declarations, his wife’s eyes now reveal the truth;

She no longer believes him.

She knows when one project finishes, another one will arise. Things were so much simpler when the business was getting started and before kids. They were happy. Life felt freer and fun.

Now, it’s just pressure and stress ALL. THE. TIME. John’s success at work had provided them the lifestyle they wanted and yet at the same time they feel imprisoned to their lifestyle.

He’s Winning the Wrong Game

Despite high levels of success in his business, John feels like a failure nearly everywhere else. Even in the business he feels like he’s not doing enough.

How in the world am I supposed to get it all done? There’s just not enough time! It’s just too much. “Either I have a thriving business and am deficient at home or things are good at home and my business suffers.” The reality festering underneath the surface of his success is starting to come to the surface…

He’s burnt out. He’s EXHAUSTED.

Work has become a constant and never-ending treadmill. The more successful he becomes, the more problems there are to deal with and the more demands are placed upon him. Everyone is relying on HIM. And he feels like he’s letting everyone down.

He feels like a fraud.

He fears waking up one day and having attained a host of worldly achievements but not being successful at the things that really mattered in his life. But once again. He feels trapped.

There is SO much depending on him in his business. John wants to be able to step away from the day to day of the business & truly operate as a leader rather than the nucleus nearly everything & everyone relies on to function. After all, he started this business to create more freedom and more time,

His business feels more like a prison than a source of freedom.

He knows he needs to further develop and empower his team to take on many of the projects and tasks on his plate; however, he’s constantly running at such a fast pace that he doesn’t have time to slow down and fix it. It seems like the only solution to fixing this problem is MORE time; the very thing he DOESN’T possess.

John wants to create a business that exists to serve him rather than him existing to serve his business. He wants to be present with his family and no longer be constantly emotionally “on edge” when he’s around them.

He wants more freedom in his day and to be able to spend his time during the day working on the things he enjoys rather than being so stuck in the minutia.

…he wants the constant pressure and stress to go away. He wants to have more fulfillment in his work, in his life, in his relationships. He wants to wake up excited about and grateful for the day ahead. He wants to rekindle the passion for God he once had.

He wants to feel like himself again…

And he wants to be able to do those things WITHOUT sacrificing success in his business. But he’s beginning to give up hope that it’s really possible.


I know all about John, because in many ways, I used to be him. I’ve been there. I’m intimately familiar with the problems you just read about in John’s story. BUT…

I also know how good things can be, once you make a DECISION to CHANGE.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my coaching practice to exclusively serving high achieving entrepreneurs who find themselves in John’s shoes.

High achievers who are tired of the way things are. Who want to see their businesses continue to thrive without costing them everything else.

High achievers who are grateful for what they have but they want MORE…because they know that they were MADE FOR MORE than the life they’re currently leading.

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