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My 10 Most Powerful Insights from Over 6,000 Coaching Sessions with Entrepreneurs

My 10 Most Powerful Insights from Over 6,000 Coaching Sessions with Entrepreneurs

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of engaging in over 6,000 coaching sessions with entrepreneurs and business leaders.

This has given me a unique perspective into the inner workings of what creates professional and personal transformation in the lives of high achievers.

It’s also afforded me a front row seat to witness the most common blind spots that hold them back from creating the life they want.

After a decade of coaching, here are my top ten in no particular order.

  1. Achieving Higher Levels of Success is FAR Simpler than we’d Like to Believe.

We overcomplicate it because we believe it needs to be complex. It doesn’t. The complex solutions NEVER last.

  1. Reaching Your Business Goals Will Never Give You What You Really Want.

You didn’t want the goal to begin with…you wanted what you thought attaining the goal would provide. You failed to realize that what you ultimately wanted is available to you NOW, not “someday” after you hit that big goal. Why not chase the goal WHILE experiencing more of what you truly want (freedom, fulfillment, peace, etc.) in your life NOW?

  1. Slowing Down is TRULY the Fastest Way to Speed Up.

Do less but better. Space is the soil where creative solutions grow. You’ll never create exponential growth if you’re always traveling at the speed of light.

  1. Money is an Amplifier.

More money doesn’t create more freedom, peace, or fulfillment. In fact, if you don’t create those things in your life FIRST, generating more money will only increase your feelings of fear, scarcity, and dissatisfaction.

  1. You are Far LESS Important than You Think & Your Team is FAR More Capable than You Give Them Credit for.

Stop putting your fingerprints on everything and let someone else be the hero for once.

  1. What Got You HERE is Exactly What’s Keeping You from Getting “THERE.”

Doing more of what you’ve always done to create success will at best lead to incremental growth. Exponential growth is stifled by your current approach to success. This isn’t just about strategy. It’s about how you are showing up mentally, emotionally, physically.

  1. No Amount of Professional Success on the Outside Can Make up for Feeling Like a Failure on the Inside.

When this is where you’re living, you feel like such a fraud. If people only knew just how empty you felt on the inside. You’re winning at everything you’ve been taught to pursue, but you’ve lost yourself and what really matters in the process. Time to get a hold of winning the inner game.

  1. Exhaustion is Not a Badge of Honor, it’s a Dunce Cap.

Success “Doesn’t Count Unless It’s Hard.” Sure, success can be hard. But it’s not a requirement. Working yourself to exhaustion doesn’t impress anyone. What’s impressive is achieving success with ease and FUN. Sounds too good to be true? I’ve got lots of clients who’d say otherwise 😊

  1. It’s FAR easier to be a champion at work than it is to be one at home.

It’s far easier to measure the ROI of an hour of work than an hour invested in your family. There are no trophies for doing the dishes, changing diapers, showing up to sporting events, prioritizing date night, being fully present with your kids, or going to couples counseling, etc. And yet, THAT is a FAR better game to be “winning” at.

  1. Most Everything You Want is on the Other Side of an Uncomfortable Conversation or a Courageous Action.

Courage is your greatest asset, not comfort, not safety. It’s the bridge that takes us from where we are to where we want to go. And it’s where we feel most ALIVE, because we’re growing!

Which ONE of these ten resonated most with you?

Which one did you find yourself resisting or disagreeing with most?

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