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Slowing Down Accelerates Everything

Slowing Down Accelerates Everything

There’s no question we live in a culture that is addicted to productivity. There are over 17 billion results that pop up in Google’s search engine when you type “getting more done in less time.”


We hear high-level leaders, books, successful entrepreneurs, and speakers talk constantly about how to 10x your business/life. How you’ve gotta hustle to succeed. And because of this, we feel a constant pressure to always be doing MORE.  


Push Yourself. Faster. Harder. Busier. More.


Before we go any further, I want to give you my definitions of two key terms for this article:

Productive: Getting things done – quantity driven,

Effective: Producing optimum results – quality driven.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting a lot done or running hard. But when that’s a way of life, it comes at some pretty major costs to you, your loved ones, and your business.


For years I’d bought into the idea that if didn’t spend every waking moment of every work day focused on productive, revenue-generating behavior, I was going to pay for it six months from now.  If my wife interrupted my day – I begrudgingly engaged with a stressed tone.


This belief isn’t unique to me. Nearly every high achieving entrepreneur and leader I talk to has this same hidden belief driving their behavior throughout their day.


It’s the reason when you choose to do something for YOURSELF in the middle of your day, you feel incredibly guilty for it; like somehow you were cheating on your future.


We’d feel guilty for going on a walk, having lunch with a friend, taking more than a 5min break to eat lunch and not multitasking as we do so. At times, it can even feel uncomfortable to take time in the day to work ON the business.


And God forbid you’d ever consider going to the gym or getting a massage in the middle of your work day! That’d be the ultimate act of treason. I get it – it was my natural tendency!


At the core, the belief goes something like this: If you want to continue to succeed, you’ve got to be hustling…


And if you don’t, you’ll pay for it six months from now.


What we don’t realize is that living with this belief causes us to sacrifice being effective for being productive!!


“Productivity” SOUNDS good though. But taking your business to the next level isn’t about getting more things done in less time, it’s about being more effective with the time you have.


When we live at warp speed, we don’t have time to consider how we should be prioritizing our time and energy, or how to improve what we’re doing. We only have the capacity to respond to what happens and react to what others want from us.


Research shows that if you want to perform at your best, you need to have a balance of stress and recovery in your work. No different than how your body needs time to recover after an intense workout.


You might think that after pushing yourself to the limit for months, taking your beach vacation counts as your “rest” but that’s not what the researchers are talking about.


When you expose your brain to chronic high demands that are linear (no rhythm of rest), stress hormones continue to increase, and the hippocampus (our learning/memory center) actually can shrink.


That’d be like doing an intense workout for 8 hours a day…it’s just not going to end well!


Our brain needs time to consolidate and encode what it’s learned & we can’t do it without downtime.


You THINK getting more done, hustling, and grinding is the key to eventual freedom in your life but it can be the prison keeping you stuck where you are.


Where Did This Belief Come from Anyway?

When you’re new and getting something off the ground, it is a grind. It takes a LOT of work and most likely you’re going to have to put in more time and energy on the front end to get things built up in the business.


The problem is when we don’t recognize that period in the business for what it was.

A Season. But if you’ve reached a point in time in your business where you have financial margin and have sustained a level of success over a period of time, I have news for you.



Grind to grow may have gotten you to where you are today but everything you want to create in your business is on the other side of that belief.


Let me ask you this…


What % of your potential do you think you’re currently operating at each day?

  • How are you showing up to your work most days?
  • What amount of energy and vitality do you have throughout the day?
  • What level of clarity do you approach each day with?
  • What amount of creativity do you bring to the day?
  • How much time is devoted to prioritizing and focusing on true “difference makers”?
  • Do you have time to plan – or just react?
  • How present are you throughout your day when engaging with your staff, clients, prospects, and your family…


If you were giving yourself an overall % for those, what would it be? 40%? 60%? 75%?


For most people it’s between 40%-70% because we are focused on being productive vs. being effective. The result – ironically, we are creating a longer “production list” because we didn’t have time or energy to think, plan, or create and our result was NOT AS EFFECTIVE as it should be.   


IF you have subscribed to the belief that you have to hustle ALL THE TIME in order to sustain or grow your business, do the math using your score above – you actually are losing a WHOLE WEEK of productivity every single month even If you scored a 75%!!!


If you were in the 40%-50% camp, you can do the math.


I’m not necessarily suggesting that we can always operate at 100% of our potential, but you get my point. Even if we could improve 15-20% that’s a HUGE leap.


Our addiction to productivity every moment of every day is actually COSTING us more productivity than it’s gaining us. Not to mention the mental, emotional, relational cost of red-lining throughout our day every day.


What if you actually worked at a pace that was sustainable? For most high-achievers, that concept feels foreign and almost “wrong”.


But just for a minute, imagine what operating 15%-25%-50% more effectively every single day would do to your business over the next 6 months. It’d have an EXPONENTIAL, compounding impact on your results over time.


Not to mention, you’d have a lot more joy and FUN in the process.







When you slow down, you’re able to come from a place of rest and fullness rather than a place of depletion.


Slowing down allows you to focus your energy on the MOST important actions rather than simply having the goal of “how many things can I check off my list in the next 30min?”


The question is not “how can I get more done in less time?” The question is “how can I be more effective with my time?”


I’m not going to give you a 12-step plan on how to implement this in your business. For now, I just want you to consider that slowing down (even if it’s just 5min here and there throughout the day) might be the #1 key that accelerates everything in your business.

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