Jason Hietbrink

Stop Fixating on What You Want to Accomplish

How many times have you set out to accomplish a personal or professional goal, hit that goal, enjoyed the satisfaction of doing so, only to wake up a day or a week later and think, “is that it?”

What if there was a way to accomplish your objectives but not experience that “achievement hangover” at the end WHILE enjoying the process?

Here’s a clue: it has to do with not focusing so much on your goals.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want to accomplish in your life and chasing after it. I believe we have an innate desire to progress, to create, to grow and develop personally and professionally.

It feels good to have set out to do something and achieve it.

However, it is also true that as high performers, we tend to OVER-focus and OVER-emphasize accomplishments, for which there are downsides.

Common resulting side-effects:

  • Physical and/or mental burnout
  • Losing ourselves in the process
  • Bulldozing our team or others in pursuit of what we want
  • Lack of joy, fun, peace, presence, or a sense of freedom in the day to day
  • Anxiety over falling behind or not hitting the goal
  • Becoming “Accomplishment-Rich” but “Relationship-Poor”

There must be a better way…

In college, one of my roommates had a poster of this sculpture on his wall. It is perhaps the most powerful example I’ve ever seen of transformation.

It represents what I want for myself and for you: to shed our “old self” and become our “new self.”

The best way to accomplish what you want isn’t by only focusing on what you want to accomplish, it’s by focusing on the person you would need to BECOME to achieve those goals.

When you become the right person, the natural outflow will enhance your ability to attain your desired goals. So, as you are “goal mining”, let’s be sure to uncover the hidden diamond.

In fact, when you become the right person, you will achieve FAR MORE than you initially thought possible because as you transform, so will what IS possible.

Think about that big goal that’s in front of you and ask yourself who you’d need to become to make that possible.

  • How would I need to think?
  • How would I respond under stress & pressure?
  • What beliefs and values would I embody?
  • How would I respond to failure and setbacks?
  • What skills would I possess?
  • What kind of habits would I have?
  • Who would I be as a leader, a father/mother, a husband/wife, as a friend?

Focus on creating those characteristics in your life and the odds of attaining your goals also increase.


            Is a process, not a result.

                        Impacts all areas of your life,

                                    Is far better than accomplishing,

                                                Focuses on character instead of outcomes.                   

When you become – results follow.

What’s ONE quality/aspect of who you want to “become?”

What’s ONE tiny step you could take towards that this week?

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