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Stop Trying to Get Everything Done

Stop Trying to Get Everything Done

“Wow, everything is done!” (Said no entrepreneur or high-level leader EVER!) 😊

Every entrepreneur or leader I’ve met has a running list of about 150 things that need done in their business or organization.

And it’s not just tasks, it’s problems that need solutions, it’s people who want your time or need answers, it’s areas of the business or the team that need improved or even re-created.

We easily could work 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and STILL not everything would get done. There’s always more to do and it stresses us out!

And so often I find leaders and business owners carrying this WEIGHT around with them everywhere they go.

It’s one of the reasons we have a hard time shutting work off at the end of the day. It’s one of the reasons so many successful professionals take their work with them on vacation.

It’s why we feel the need to check our email at night or pop open the laptop and get “just get one more task done”.

There is a never-ending list of things that need our attention and no matter how hard we try, no matter how much progress we make on that list in a day, it seems to keep growing.

If that’s you, here is a big part of the problem…

You haven’t yet distinguished between “done” and “complete” in your business.

We forget, no matter what you’re up to in life, nothing is ever “DONE”

We’re never “done” parenting, we’re never “done” with things to do around the house, we’re never “done” with our list of projects in the business to work on. Nothing is ever “done” because everything is in a constant state of motion.

As soon as you declare something is done, that very next minute it will start to slowly decay and something else will pop up in its place.

And so, trying to arrive at a destination that’s impossible to reach will only leave you stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated, and feeling like a failure.

Here’s the secret. Not only is nothing ever truly “done” – it’s not MEANT to be!

If everything got done, there’d be nothing left to do for you tomorrow and frankly you’d be bored out of your mind. So, thank God that there is always more to do.

The problem is when you think it’s your responsibility to get it all done.

Why put that pressure on yourself? Why pretend like you should be able to get it all done?

And by the way, I promise you, that even if you did “get it all done” – you’d probably find more you could do and thus continue the cycle of the never-ending list. It’s an impossible mission.

“Complete” vs. “Done”

Even though there will always be more to do, let me remind you of a simple truth:

The mission of your life and the sum total of what makes life worth living is not whether you get everything DONE.

So, stop treating it that way.

And while you may not have everything done and there’s always more to do, you DO get to DECIDE when work is COMPLETE for the day.

Choosing when work is complete is exactly that. A choice. And it’s a choice YOU get to make.

“Complete” simply means that you did all you could that day and while there’s more to do, you give yourself permission to leave what’s undone for tomorrow so you can set your attention on something more important than tasks; the people in your life you care about.

Rather than making your goal to get more tasks done, set your sights on getting a few of the right ones accomplished each day.

There are reems of articles and podcasts out there that talk about “The Big 3” for the day. Perhaps that will be another article I write for another time but if you’re interested in becoming more efficient with your tasks, I’d highly recommend researching that.

Stop trying to get everything done. It’s never done. Instead, choose when work is complete for the day and give yourself a break from attempting to do something you were never responsible for in the first place! Your future self will thank you and so will your loved ones!

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