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The 5 Phases to Get Your Sales Team Back on Track

The 5 Phases to Get Your Sales Team Back on Track

PHASE 1 – Invest in Your Team’s Biggest Asset (YOU)

This might seem selfish or backwards at first, but the truth is your team will perform their best when YOU are at YOUR best. Here are 3 quick steps to ensure you’re operating at your best:

STEP 1 – Re-set boundaries with work/life

When performance with the team is subpar, most leaders immediately assume that the path to fixing this problem is to put in even MORE hours and burn the midnight oil.

The sooner you embrace this fact, the better off you’ll be. As a leader, the work is never “complete” but YOU get to decide when it’s DONE for that day.

Most likely you’ve had these boundaries with your work before, which is why I say it’s time “re-set” them. Don’t beat yourself up, it happens, just don’t STAY here!

STEP 2 – Re-establish a healthy routine

Don’t just make time for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, GUARD that time. Pick a few actions that you know will fill you up and start re-engaging in them.

It might be initially start out as 15-20min a day, but if you’re consistently engaging in actions that further your own wellbeing, you will perform better.

STEP 3 – Get your HEART is in the right place

Ask yourself, “am I more concerned about hitting MY goals and how my team reflects on ME or am I more focused on helping each team member hit THEIR goals?

As a leader, you are here to serve the team, they are not here to serve you. People know when they’re a means to YOUR end. That doesn’t feel good, for you or for them.

It’s entirely possible that this first phase may be the ONLY step necessary to getting your team back on track.

PHASE 2 – Align Your Priorities  

While your time is limited, you always have enough time to invest in what matters most. Ensure you are investing your time in the actions and people that create the most traction.

Often leaders can get stuck into pouring all their energy into the people who are struggling the most which doesn’t actually lift the team to the next level.

When it comes to investing in people, I recommend investing in:

         FIRST: your current leaders and future leaders.

         SECOND: Your high fliers.

         THIRD: Those who are new but they have the potential to turn into high performers.

         FOURTH: Veterans who are the right people but currently off-track mentally

PHASE 3 – Create Culture of Success

A large portion of creating a culture of success is being intentional about where you choose to shine the light and what you promote to the team.

Recognize the members on the team who are displaying the actions and mindsets you want to see more of. Even if it’s just one person on the team. Let them tell their stories of how they are “winning” and inspire others.

Additionally, building a healthy culture also means eliminating dead weight on the team. Help those on the team who are not putting in the effort to either move on or move up. It’s not good for them or your sales culture for them to stay where they are.

PHASE 4 – Create an eco-system for leadership development

Do you have a process for developing leaders on your team? You don’t want leadership over the team to depend entirely upon YOU.

Leadership doesn’t always mean a formal position or promotion. Sometimes it’s simply being a leader by example.

Either way, you need others on the team who are an extension of yourself. Others who think and act like you and have a sense of responsibility for the team’s success as a whole.

If you don’t already have this, it’s valuable to create a special environment where a select group of people from the team are invited on a consistent basis to engage in small group discussions on how to develop as a leader. 

This is a small group of individuals who are demonstrating the right attitudes, actions, and results. Invite them to join you for further self-development and lead them in discussions around what it means to be a leader and person of influence.

PHASE 5 – Empower others to lead

Too many leaders try to put themselves at the center and consequently, their team never grows to their full potential.

I have news for you: YOU ARE NOT THE HERO!

Empower others on the team to lead in certain situations. Let them teach on that topic in the sales meeting, let them to take that person under their wing and have a part in developing them, allow them to come up with the next meeting’s agenda items, etc.

Of course, you have to be smart with this and not give new leaders too much too fast. Give them enough rope so they can make mistakes but not so much rope they hang themselves!

While reaching a radically different destination as a team is not something that happens overnight, overnight changes are all it takes to dramatically change the trajectory of the team.

Take it one step at a time. And remember it’s a process.

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