Jason Hietbrink

The Key to Living Truly FREE…

The Key to Living Truly FREE…

As a high achiever, you might feel like hustling is in your DNA. And maybe it is. But the question we need to ask is “What are we striving and hustling FOR?”


I’m not sure if you can relate, but if I’m really honest, I often struggle with the need to strive and hustle to somehow prove that I’m enough.


That I matter,

That I have value,

That I’m good enough, smart enough, successful enough, liked enough.


Ultimately what it comes down to is where we go to find our “rest”. What is it you’re “trusting in” to provide you the validation that you are “enough”?


Is it a certain amount of $$ in the bank?

Is it reaching a certain level of revenue/profit in your business?

Is it through ensuring your kids are well behaved and turning out okay?

Is it by being well liked by others and someone others respect and admire?

Is it in your achievements from the day?

Is it in your ability to control your life?


All of those things can be taken from you. All of them can change in an instant. And deep down you know this, which is why beneath the surface you feel the constant state of unease within you.


It’s why you can’t slow down.


Because if you slow down, you’ll feel the weight of that reality. So, you hop back on the treadmill to hustle and strive to prove you’re enough.


But you’re running a race you cannot win.


Let me help you with three beliefs that have the power to set you free from the hustle and striving we so easily find ourselves entangled in…


#1 – Stop Striving for What You’ve Already Been Given…
You Don’t Have to Hustle for Something You Already Have

Imagine how silly you’d look sprinting, hustling, striving, and grinding for something you already have. Yet that’s what most of us do every day!


WHAT IF the one thing you’re striving most for in your life, you already possess? What if it wasn’t something to be attained, but instead was something to be received?


How would that change how you live today?


#2 – You Can Never Have Enough of What You Don’t Really Need

If you believe your worth comes from what you do, what you have, or from the validation of others, you’ll never be satisfied or truly free.


You’ll always be bound by thinking you need just a little more, but it’ll never be enough. Because what you’re pursuing you never needed anyway.


#3 – Operate FROM your worth, not FOR it.
You will always perform better and have more joy when the driving motive for what you do is WHO YOU ALREADY ARE rather than striving in hopes of attaining who you think you are supposed to be.


For me, my worth is not found in my own accomplishments, my results, my ability to control my life, how much money I have in the bank, or how well I perform today as a dad, husband, or friend.


My identity comes directly from who God says I am and because Jesus took my place and lived the life I never could. I no longer have to strive to attain what I never could and instead am free to simply receive it as a gift. But you might not resonate with that.


For you it may be your identity comes from your faith, using your giftedness, helping others, or simply in the fact that you are loved by those you care about most – no matter how you perform.


For me, where my identity sets me free to rest. To be content.


Not in a lazy sort of way; it sets me free to work hard and seek to be outstanding in all I do because I already am “full” rather than coming from a place of “emptiness” each day hoping that others’ affirmation and my achievements will fill me up.



Keep striving for excellence…

Keep hustling to improve…

But not as a means to an end.

Rather, do it as a response to what you’ve already been given.

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