Jason Hietbrink

The Slump Formula

Having been in sales and leadership for over 20 years, I’ve had my fair share of “slumps”.

Slumps happen in business performance, team performance, in marriage & relationships. They happen mentally & emotionally, and they happen spiritually.

No one likes slumps. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything we can do to eliminate them. Even the most elite athletes and performers go through them.

However, if we can identify what CAUSES them, what keeps us STUCK in them, and how to get OUT of them, we will fall into them far less frequently and stay in them for far less time.

What I’ve Learned:

3 Keys to Ensuring You CREATE a Slump
  1. Mistake your positive momentum as a replacement for the basics that got you here

Cut corners & neglect the simple daily/weekly actions that you know create success. Lessen the frequency of the routines and habits that keep you healthy.

They’re not that important anyway. After all, the last two weeks you didn’t do them consistently and you’re still getting great results.

  1. Get a big head – you’re pretty amazing

Take all the credit for your success, taking the contributions of others for granted. Allow the praise from others to go to your head. Start to subtly see and think of yourself as superior to others. Remember cloak your pride in telling others how “blessed” you are.

  1. Focus on the #’s Alone

See others as a means to your end. They exist to help you get what you want. Numbers, spreadsheets, projections, goals, projects, THOSE are the focus, not people.

3 Keys to Ensuring You STAY in a Slump

  1. Take Yourself and Your Lack of Results VERY seriously

This is the biggest deal ever, the central most important thing in your life and it should receive all your mental and emotional energy. Doubt yourself and question your ability to accomplish even simple things. Avoid feeling anything positive until this life-threatening disaster passes.

THIS is the central most important thing in your life and should receive all your mental and emotional energy.

  1. Complexify Everything

Don’t look for a simple answer to getting out of the slump. Make the solution an impossibly complex spider web that you’ll never untangle so everything feels upside down and backwards. Stay in your head at all costs because of course that’s where the solution lies!! 😊

  1. Run faster, longer, and try even harder

Assume the only way out is to grit and grind. Work longer hours. Sacrifice sleep, exercise, recreation, and time with your loved ones. Try harder to obtain those results and be “needy” until you do.

  1. Replay the highlight-reel of your LOSSES from each day & assume the worst about the future

When something didn’t go how you wanted, sit with it and dwell on it for as long as possible. Allow negative self-talk to overtake your thoughts. Imagine how awful the future will be if these results continue and then live THERE emotionally as much as possible.

3 Keys to Ensuring You Get OUT of a Slump
  1. Serve, Don’t Preserve

This isn’t about you. It’s time to get on MISSION and back to the foundation of why you do what you do. Stop trying to protect yourself and remember the best way out of this is through pure service of others. Get off self and back on purpose.

  1. Get Back to Basics

Complication is the enemy of your success when you’re in a slump. Strip your systems, strategies, and processes down to the core things that are foundational and have always worked – then only work with those. Rebuild from that place, including the simple, daily/weekly habits and rhythms you neglected along the way, that were foundational to your original success.

  1. Get into Community

The support, perspective, and encouragement of other people will make a significant impact on the clarity and confidence you need to move from where you are to where you want to be. This might be a friend, colleague, or a coach.

Slumps happen, but you don’t have to stay in them and you can lessen their frequency if you understand what causes them.

Which of these keys resonated most with you?

How will you apply that one insight into your life/business this coming week?

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