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The Surprising Truth About That Big Goal You’re Chasing

The Surprising Truth About That Big Goal You’re Chasing

Recently, I had a conversation with a highly successful entrepreneur who told me what he wanted was to 3x his business over the next 5 yrs. so he could make an 8-figure exit.

I then asked him, after achieving this, what he believed that would provide him that he doesn’t have right now in his life.

Without hesitation he let out a big peaceful sigh: FREEDOM.

Think of that BIG goal you have in front of you right now in your life or business. Whatever that goal is, I can guarantee you one thing: you don’t want to achieve the goal.

What you want is to experience what you believe achieving that goal will give you. Peace of mind. Freedom. Fulfillment. Fun. Time. A sense of accomplishment or purpose. To feel like you’ve made a difference in the world.

Most of us believe that once we reach a destination (some big goal in the future), doing so will provide us with what we want, and we will finally be content.

However, there’s one problem with that.

If you need to achieve an external result to have what you really want, you’ll remain trapped in a self-made prison keeping you from it.

Think about it.

You want _____ goal to be achieved because you believe it will give you _____ experience you deeply desire for your life.

Therefore, you CANNOT experience ‘said desire’ (at least not at the level you want to!) until you reach that goal. You’ll always be waiting for some time in the future to achieve it. (

And here’s what’s most ironic about this whole situation.

How many times have you achieved what you set you out to, only to find that 90 seconds after achieving it, you realize it didn’t give you what you expected it would? Or worse yet, you feel even more empty than before.

And this is what most of us miss when it comes to chasing big goals:

If you want more of something in your life,
you always have an abundance available to you today
IF you choose to actively create more of it.

I want my clients to chase big goals and I love helping them make those impossible dreams a reality. But NEVER because they believe by doing so, they’ll get what they want.

Goals are necessary, especially for a high achiever.

But goals are meant to be chased for fun, not for fulfillment.

What if you could have what you want and sooner, regardless of hitting that big goal?

How can you experience more of what you desire TODAY while you are in pursuit of that big goal you have?

Here’s the best part about experiencing more of what you want TODAY rather than waiting to realizing it “fully” someday in the future.

Because you are now experiencing more joy, peace, fulfillment, freedom (or whatever it is), you’re actually MORE likely to hit that goal because you are chasing it from a place of centeredness – rather than a place of desperation.

AND…rather than being empty each day, hoping the end of the journey will fill you, you are FILLED during the journey and enjoying it more, which will get you there with less stress along the way.

So… back to my original question.

What’s the big goal you’re chasing after right now?

What do you hope that will provide you once you hit it?

How can you create more of that NOW in your life?

What’s one practical, small step you can take TODAY?

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