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Three Reasons You’re Having Trouble FOCUSING

Three Reasons You’re Having Trouble FOCUSING

Let me guess…that’s not you, right?

You get stuff done…you’re crushing it!

However, I’m not talking about getting things checked off your list, that’s working IN your business. I’m talking about DEEP WORK on your business that can only be accomplished through DEEP FOCUS.

A couple years ago, I read the book Stolen Focus, and it revolutionized my understanding of why many of us feel challenged to accomplish the DEEP WORK our business needs. Here are three main reasons for that struggle and how to improve:

1) You’re Defaulting to Living in an Environment of Distraction

Studies show we lose 20-30% of our effectiveness when we are distracted. And the average American is distracted every 3 min. during their workday!

Stop buying the lie that you’re multi-tasking, there’s no such thing if you’re doing “deep work”! When you switch from one task to another, you are losing MASSIVE productivity and focus.

And what’s one of the biggest culprits? YOUR PHONE
Your phone is like a colicky baby. Constantly demanding attention. Good luck getting deeply focused when you have a fussy baby sitting next to your side all day.

It keeps from from looking at my phone every two seconds

Couple Keys:

  • At least three times a day, put your phone in another room for a solid 90 min., mute all notifications & close your email so you can FOCUS. Unless you’re an emergency responder, I promise, no one will die as a result.
  • Change your environment when you’re ready to do deeper work that requires more focus. Leave the office, get outside, to a library or a place where you won’t be distracted.
2) You’re Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep

Odds are you already know this one, and although it makes the most significant difference in your ability to focus, you’re doing NOTHING about it.


Because you’ve convinced yourself you have too much to get done.

What IF, by getting enough sleep you could accomplish more in less time because you’re actually able to focus without those six cups of coffee keeping you moving on that treadmill?

Better sleep = MASSIVE improvements to our focus and effectiveness.

Every night when we go to sleep, we have cerebral spinal fluids that flush out toxic proteins and takes them to our liver to get rid of them. Our brain clears itself of waste that it collected from the day, which is critical to helping us focus and think more clearly.

If we don’t get rid of it, it clogs us up with these toxins and causes us to have more difficulty thinking – when you are sleeping your brain is repairing

BTW, the most intense REM periods in our sleep are in hours 7-8, so if you’re only getting six hrs. of sleep, you’re likely missing the best part of the night for your body/mind to be repaired.

Couple Keys:

  • Establish an earlier and regular bedtime – as they say, “just do it”! 😊
  • Don’t take your phone with you to bed – screens before/during bed interfere with sleep.

 “I’m really glad I looked at that news feed or YouTube rabbit hole right before I went to bed last night!” SAID NO ONE EVER.

3) You Have Bought Into This Lie About Productivity:

Productivity = Filling Every Moment with SOMETHING

I’m guilty on this one. I have a nasty habit of always needing to be DOING something. If I’m at a red light, I’ll look at my phone for notifications to see if I can handle something real quickly.

How embarrassing that most of us can’t even go to the BATHROOM without our phones.

Studies show our brains need downtime; time where so our subconscious can get to work on solving some of the issues we’re facing personally/professionally. This time is critical to helping us focus and think both clearly and deeply. When we leave NO MARGIN in our schedule, our brain has no chance to process effectively.

Couple Keys:

  • “Calendar” downtime!
  • Engage in a couple tasks each week that are deliberately slow like Yoga, meditation, painting, a hobby, a walk, or bike ride (with no earbuds or cell phone).
  • Make it a game for 1 day…If you feel the urge to check your phone, wait 10-20min and see if you still feel the need for it. 

Deep work requires deep focus. And deep focus is intentional. It’s time to stop robbing your future, your people, and yourself from the productivity you COULD be creating.

Pick ONE area to focus on over the next week from the list above and see how it impacts your ability to focus. Even an increase of 20% of your focus will make a major difference.

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