Kaylie’s Story: 3 Power Insights for Moving from Burnout to Freedom & Presence

Hear Kaylie’s story, one of Jason’s private 1-1 coaching clients. Kaylie was promoted to a higher-level leadership role within a $130M corporation and while her team’s numbers looked good on paper, it was coming at a terrible cost. She was working constantly, stressed out, not sleeping well, and worst of all she wasn’t present at home. Burnout was real. Today she’s reduced her work hours by over 40% and her team’s performance has increased by 15-20% on the year. Best of all, her confidence has never been higher and she’s more present and intentional at home than she’s ever been.

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Step 3

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If we decide to move forward into a coaching relationship, Together, we’ll create a custom coaching plan to help you reach your goals in your business and your life. 

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