Removing Unrealistic Expectations – Live Coaching Session with Jason!

As we continue to seek growth in our businesses, it’s easy to find ourselves carrying “weight” that isn’t really necessary. If you’re used to having to live up to unrealistic expectations and work yourself to exhaustion in order to feel and be successful, it can feel odd to no longer feel that constant pressure. Watch how Jason helps Macy in this coaching session excerpt learn to let go of the unrealistic expectations she’s been holding onto and run her race with less “weight” on her shoulders.

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Step 3

Level Up

If we decide to move forward into a coaching relationship, Together, we’ll create a custom coaching plan to help you reach your goals in your business and your life. 

Step 2

Schedule a Breakthrough Session

We’ll do a free, 90-minute coaching call to define your goals, set a vision for the future, and deepen your commitment to that vision.