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What Are You Tolerating

What Are You Tolerating?

Every year I take my son and daughter on individual trips with me. It’s a tradition we’ve had since they were six years old. During the spring of 2022 I took my son, Tate, to see a Golden State Warriors NBA basketball game and explore the city of San Francisco.

Did you happen to catch what’s “off” about that picture? If not, look again…


I didn’t even notice it when we took the photo. In fact, I didn’t even notice it until after I posted this picture to social media, and somebody pointed it out! How embarrassing.


If you still haven’t seen it, look directly between our two heads in the sand, about my eye level. Yeah. Now you see it.


Had I slowed down for a second before taking this picture to really survey the landscape, I would have immediately seen this old guy in the background and chosen a different angle.


Unfortunately, like this photo I took, I am often moving so quickly throughout my life that I forget to slow down long enough to evaluate how I’m living, what’s working, what’s not working, and what needs to change both in my business and my life in general.


What about you?


What’s the old naked man in your life that’s lurking in the background of your business or your personal life that you’re tolerating and not dealing with?


For me, in this season of my life, I’ve been tolerating “good enough” in my marriage and in my relationships with my kids.


Don’t get me wrong, I have a good marriage and a good relationship with my kids, but recently I haven’t been intentionally investing in those relationships at the level I should – spending intentional, meaningful time nurturing and growing those relationships.


I’ve also been tolerating shallowness in my prayer life. I have been content to pray for my day, perhaps a few people in my life, and for areas I want God to help me with, but I haven’t been deeply connecting with God and taking the time to be still and listen to Him. I’ve been doing all the talking and it’s mostly asking for what I want!


Truth is, it’s easy to grow accustomed to the way things ARE rather than asking ourselves how it SHOULD be.


By the way, this is not about perfection and it’s not about feeling disappointed with our life or business because it doesn’t measure up to the impossible standards we hold ourselves to.


It’s about slowing down for a moment so you can gain clarity on ONE area of your life/business you’ve been tolerating. And if you were to put some intentional focus on this one area, it’d make a dramatic difference in the results you’ve been experiencing.


We all put up with things in our life, in our relationships, within ourselves, and in our business that we shouldn’t and we (and those around us) suffer because of it.


Perhaps you’ve been tolerating…

…a dysfunctional or under-performing member on your team,

…a relationship that needs cut off or one that needs nurtured,

…working to the point of exhaustion,

…a system or department within your business that is not functioning as it should,

…mediocrity in ________ (you know what belongs in that space),

… getting small menial tasks done in an effort to feel productive instead what you ought to do,

…putting yourself LAST and everyone and everything first and you’re exhausted from it!

…your excuses or the excuses of people on your team,

…letting fear of _______ control you instead of taking action despite the fear,

…allowing work to bleed into the evenings and/or weekends,

…the safety of what is rather than pursuing what could be.


Those are just a few ideas to get you going.


Here’s the good news. My experience is that 80% of changing something you’ve been tolerating in your life/business is gaining the AWARENESS of it.


Once you know what it is, the last 20% is taking one courageous step towards making a change.


By the way, what you want to change doesn’t have to be an enormous thing; sometimes it’s something small. But changing that ONE thing makes a significant difference.


It’s easy to go through life and the day-to-day of our business accepting what is. rather than asking ourselves how we want it to be. We all get caught at times tolerating things we shouldn’t.


Make it a regular part of your monthly routine to reflect on your life and your business, and ask, “what am I tolerating right now?” and then ask, “what’s one tiny act of courage I need to take to change this”? Then take that step!

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