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What You See is What You Get

What You See is What You Get

I don’t know what you are facing today in your business or in your life. You might be in a place where your back is against the wall and if something doesn’t change, you’re staring in the face of some pretty overwhelming and frightening circumstances.

Others of you might have your business in a very healthy spot. You’re making good money, your staff is doing well, but inside you’re afraid. Secretly, you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, anxiously anticipating when it’s all going to come crashing down, and you’re unsure whether this good thing you have going will be sustainable long into the future.

There are always reasons to be afraid. There are reasons to doubt, reasons to become discouraged or frustrated or feel guilty. And sometimes, whether consciously or subconsciously we SIT in those feelings/emotions and continue to feed their appetite.

But the truth is, even the most challenging and SEEMINGLY hopeless of situations, there are ALSO reasons to be courageous, reasons to have faith, reasons to feel encouraged, grateful and optimistic.

It’s all a matter of where we choose to place our focus and what we CHOOSE to LOOK for in our situation.

Obstacles are unavoidable on the path of success. And with obstacles, NATURALLY will come fear, moments of anxiety, doubt, discouragement…

While I don’t know the biggest obstacle you’re facing today, you do. You know the challenge that awaits you. The question is, as you face that obstacle, what will you choose to LOOK for?

Will you look for reasons to be afraid or reasons to feel courageous? Reasons to doubt or reasons to have faith? Reasons to be defeated or reasons to be have hope? Reasons to feel discouraged, frustrated, or guilty – OR – reasons for appreciation, hope, and joy?

Because good is always there. You just have to look for it. And as you CHOOSE to look for “good” today, this week, this month, and this year, magic happens.

Because your brain is wired to feed you more of whatever it is you’re focused on. Slowly, over time, you’ll find your default responses will change from one of negativity and limiting beliefs to one of possibilities & liberating truths.

Both are there for your taking, it’s just a matter of which you’ll choose to look for.

Where you place your focus, determines what you see. And whatever you see in your circumstances will shape how you experience them.

This month, this quarter, this year can be your best one yet. And I’m not just saying that. You have an incredible opportunity that has been gifted to you. The chance to create, the chance to overcome…

Those are FREEDOMS you get to enjoy, not problems holding you back from the way life ‘ought’ to be.

What you see is what you get. So make sure you’re getting more of what you WANT and less of what you don’t!

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