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Your Outdated Thinking on Goals is Costing You

Your Outdated Thinking on Goals is Costing You

As a top-performing professional, when it comes to business goals, here’s what I know about you:

  • EVERY goal you set this year was self-imposed. No one gave them to you; you chose them.
  • The goals YOU set this past year were EXTREMELY lofty – designed to stretch you.
  • If you hit goals early in the year, you immediately reset new goals to an even higher standard.
  • You spent most of your year worrying about and obsessing over whether you would hit those goals because you tie the success of your business year to achieving them.
HOWEVER, if you’ve already achieved a high level of success in your business and you’re still using the achievement of goals as your measuring stick of success, then you’re using an OUTDATED measuring tool.

I’m not saying it’s bad to have goals. Goals are important but their purpose is NOT to measure how successful you are. Goals are simply meant to give you something meaningful to strive toward, a direction to run in, to compete for.

The achievement of goals you set yourself is not only an ineffective way to measure success, it also is holding you back from graduating into a BETTER way of measuring success in your business. In addition, focusing so much energy on hitting goals is also a sure path to burnout and possibly client attrition.

You no longer need goals to help you determine whether you are successful.  You need a HIGHER, BETTER standard to measure success by.

What if instead of measuring success by the achievement of goals, you measure success against the blueprint you already know creates elite levels of performance in your business? Simply practice the attitudes, beliefs, actions, and motivations that have led and will continue to lead you to the next levels of success in your business.

If every day we embody what it takes to be highly successful, we will be. So why not put our effort into showing up each day from a place that we already know creates high levels of achievement vs. setting all our attention on attaining goals we made up?

I’ve had this exact conversation with a handful of clients recently and it’s truly transformed the way they think about and pursue what success looks like for them at this stage in their business.


Here’s how it played out for one of my clients who is successful in Real Estate, let’s call him “Phil”:

Jason: “Phil, you’ve been in the industry for over a decade and have been highly successful. If someone were to buy your business tomorrow and they asked you this question, what would you say?

‘What are the most important attitudes, mindsets, beliefs, and actions I need to embody to be highly successful in this business?’

 What are the 5-10 things you’d tell that individual were the key factors of your success?”


  • Be in front of people.

  • Build your database.
  • Work on a separate leads source and stay consistent with it.
  • Follow up appropriately.

  • Learn from those who’ve gone before you.

  • Focus on bringing value to people (genuinely for them, not for you) 

  • Be authentically yourself.

  • Be in it for the long-haul.

Jason: Great. Now, turn those statements into questions. These will become the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis to measure your success by. “Am I ________?”

Reflect on these questions each morning for a total of 10-15min until you really feel yourself owning their importance. Just imagine what you’d achieve this year if you showed up every day embracing and focusing on creating positive answers to each of those questions.

Phil: It’d be incredible!

Rather than measuring his success around his goals for the year, Phil has begun measuring success based on his CRITERIA for what CREATES success.

These questions have become Phil’s “ELITE EIGHT” questions he asks himself each day. 

Phil still has goals he’s chasing. But his “Elite Eight” take the stress and pressure off “am I going to hit my goals?” and places his energy where it needs to be: how he’s showing up in the world.

It’s time to uplevel your standard for how you measure success in your business.

Try it yourself. Ask yourself what the most important attitudes, beliefs, motivations, characteristics, and actions are that have created and will create even higher levels of performance in your business.

Do the exercise with those on your team. Turn those answers into questions and form YOUR “Elite Eight” or “Top Ten” or “Fab Five” that you review each day and watch as your results increase and your anxiety decreases.

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